for solo piano

Commissioned by/Premiere

Mahmoud Abuwarda, Composer & Guitarist (March 13, 2024)


ca. 1:10 minuets



“Joyful Reverie”: Dedicated to My Student Siba Hallaq.

Whispers in G Minor” is a tender and introspective piano composition crafted with care for budding musicians at an easy level. Dedicated to the exceptional talent and passion of my student, Siba Hallaq, this piece embodies a heartfelt expression of appreciation for her dedication to the piano and her love for music.

Through gentle melodies and understated harmonies, “Whispers in G Minor” invites listeners on a journey of tranquility and reflection. Each note delicately woven together, this piece serves as a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, allowing budding pianists to explore the depths of emotion through their music.

With its soothing tempo and evocative atmosphere, “Whispers in G Minor” provides an ideal canvas for students to hone their skills and express their musical aspirations. Aspiring pianists, inspired by the dedication and talent of Siba Hallaq, can find solace and inspiration in the delicate whispers of this heartfelt composition.

Dedicated to nurturing the musical journey of students like Siba, “Whispers in G Minor” stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and the profound connections forged through mentorship and shared passion.