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Mahmoud Abuwarda

A professional composer and guitarist who connects emotion through passion, dynamics, and music.

Mahmoud Abuwarda (b. 1990) is an esteemed Palestinian composer, guitarist, and educator recognized for his remarkable contributions to the world of music. With a diverse repertoire spanning symphonic, cinematic, and dynamic genres, Mahmoud captivates audiences with his impassioned and evocative soundscapes. His compositions are characterized by sweeping melodic lines and deeply heartfelt lyrics, creating a profound and emotional experience for listeners.

Renowned for his genre-bending approach, Mahmoud has demonstrated his exceptional talent through an array of projects, including video game soundtracks, instrumental suites, and soaring symphonic rock albums. His artistry is marked by an orchestral finesse that permeates every note, crafting a distinct and unmistakable sound that sets him apart in the industry.

In addition to his illustrious musical career, Mahmoud serves as a dedicated music teacher at Rumeli International College and Zemas College in Istanbul. He is also a member and main artist in the Dahaleez Collective. Prior to this role, he held multiple prestigious positions at ESNCM – Birzeit University (2012–2022), including professor of composition, guitar teacher, music history teacher, music theory teacher, head of the guitar department, and academic supervisor. At the university, Mahmoud imparted his extensive knowledge and passion for music composition, theory, guitar performance, and music history to countless aspiring musicians.

Mahmoud’s pursuit of musical excellence led him to study music theory and composition at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with honors and earned his master’s degree in music composition. He further honed his guitar skills at The National Conservatory of Music in Palestine, studying under the tutelage of the esteemed Pedro López de La Osa, a renowned figure in the realm of guitar education.

Throughout his career, Mahmoud has had the privilege of learning from accomplished composers such as Houtaf Khoury, Julian Broughton, Nejc Kuhar, Mark Zaleski, David Gregory, Steven Kirby, and Rick McLaughlin. Their guidance and mentorship have greatly influenced his artistic growth and shaped his unique musical perspective.

In recognition of his exceptional talent and dedication, Mahmoud has been the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships, including the 2015 Al-Qattan Scholarship in Performing Arts, the 2012 Affaq Art Scholarship, and the Gary Burton Berklee College of Music Scholarship.

Mahmoud Abuwarda’s contributions to the world of music have left an indelible mark, inspiring both aspiring and established musicians alike. Through his emotive compositions, virtuosic guitar performances, and unwavering commitment to education, he continues to shape the landscape of contemporary music with his extraordinary artistry.