Melody Masters

A Journey of Composition and Collaboration

Welcome to Melody Masters, an immersive online music composition course designed to unlock your creative potential and ignite your passion for composing. In this exclusive group setting, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, exploring the art of melody creation alongside a select group of fellow musicians. Through expert guidance, interactive lessons, and collaborative exercises, you’ll develop a deep understanding of composition techniques, harmonies, and arrangements across various genres. Together, we’ll cultivate a supportive community where you can share your musical ideas, receive valuable feedback, and collaborate on exciting projects. Join us on this harmonious voyage and discover the boundless possibilities of your musical imagination.

What you will get if you enrolled in the course!

Unlock your creative potential with Melody Masters, an immersive online music composition course. Join a select group of musicians on a transformative journey of melody creation, collaboration, and growth. Explore composition techniques, harmonies, and arrangements across genres. Receive expert guidance, interactive lessons, and valuable feedback. Join our harmonious community and unleash your musical imagination today!

Private Lessons

Online lessons with with me, One-on-One.

Professional Materials

A professional pdf file of each lesson.

Recorded Lessons

A recording video of each lesson.

Assignment Feedback

Feedback for each weekly composition assignment.

The music lessons with Mahmoud Abuwarda have allowed me to develop solid music foundations and efficient skills to work in the music industry, having my music been performed for major orchestras in the USA.

Pierre Mariaca


What you will study?

Transform your music composition skills with my one-of-a-kind online course! Over 120 lessons cover techniques from traditional composition techniques, orchestration, modern composition to world music styles. Elevate your compositions to new heights with expert instruction.

Melody Writing


Traditional Harmony

Modern Harmony

Jazz Composition

Blues Composition

Film Scoring


Atonal Composition

Song Writing

Dodecaphonic Composition

World Music Composition Styles

And Much More!

Pricing And Payments



I’m accepting bank transfer payment only, and we will discuses the payment during the first meeting on zoom before starting the course. 

Course Enrollment


Registration for this course is available from June 18 to July 10.

The course begins on Saturday, July 8th at 12 pm New York time.

Number of Students

This course is a group course and your lessons will be with a group of students, the maximum number of groups is only 7 students

How To Enroll The Course

In order to participate in the training course, please contact me.

Within 5 hours, I'll get back to you for a ZOOM meeting to discuss everything about your learning process.

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