Alla’s Recital at Jacobs School of Music

In a harmonious fusion of classical tradition and global solidarity, professional violinist Alla Petrichei prepares for a remarkable recital at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana, US. Her upcoming performance, slated as the final piece for her graduation, promises to be a celebration of diverse musical voices from around the world, including a poignant symbol of support for the Palestinian people.

In an email exchange with composer Mahmoud Abuwarda, Alla expresses her heartfelt intentions behind including his composition, Chaconne No. 1, in her recital. She shares her desire to interweave beloved classical pieces with works by non-Western composers from regions she has encountered during her travels. Alla’s visit to Jericho and the West Bank in June 2023 left a profound impact on her, as she met Palestinians living in Jordan who yearn to return to their homeland—a sentiment that resonated deeply with her.

In her email, Alla also requests a digital copy of Mahmoud’s music to begin practicing promptly—an indication of her meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment to delivering a flawless performance that embodies the essence of each composition.

As Alla embarks on this musical journey, she invites audiences to join her in a transcendent experience—one that transcends geographical boundaries and fosters connections through the universal language of music. Her recital promises to be a testament to the transformative power of art, as she pays homage to classical masters while championing the voices of underrepresented composers and advocating for social justice.

The Jacobs School of Music eagerly awaits Alla’s performance, recognizing it not only as a showcase of exceptional talent but also as a testament to the profound impact music can have in promoting empathy, understanding, and solidarity across cultures and communities.