for strings orchestra, Flute, and Clarinet 

Commissioned by/Premiere



ca. 06:10 minuets



“Escape to the Light” is a captivating chamber music piece that takes its listeners on an emotional journey from darkness to light. This evocative composition is a delicate blend of contemporary and traditional styles, skillfully combining strings orchestra, flute, and clarinet to create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere.

As the music unfolds, it weaves a poignant narrative, akin to the struggle of a person trapped in the depths of depression, yearning to break free and embrace the warmth of reality. The piece beautifully captures the essence of this internal conflict, balancing moments of sadness and weakness with bursts of hope and resilience.

The composition’s open ending leaves space for the audience’s imagination to run wild, inviting them to contemplate the resolution of this poignant story. “Escape to the Light” is more than just a musical journey; it is a deeply emotive experience that resonates with the universal theme of finding one’s way out of darkness and into the light.